Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Walker Stiffs Rural Supporters and Farmers by Dramatic Cuts to Broadband Expansion, hurting Business and Jobs.

UPDATE-May 17: Looks like someone had a change of heart when it comes to angry rural voters:
WPR: A program expanding broadband in rural areas will continue to be funded and lawmakers hope more people will have access to high-speed Internet. According to the Federal Communications Commission, 23 percent of rural Wisconsinites do not have access to broadband internet. 
No word on how telecommunication companies will respond since their last empty threat to leave the state. By the way, note to Democrats; remind voters who tried to defund broadband. Hint: Scott Walker! 
Another mark against our president wannabee, Scott Walker, for his complete lack of understanding the implications of not providing broadband in the 21st century to rural businesses, towns and cities.

This letter to Albert Darling from a group of very concerned legislators reflects horribly on Walker, and shines a bright light on his inability to encourage a thriving business climate in Wisconsin.


  1. Near as I can tell the authors of this letter represent Republican districts.
    If so:
    Cry me a river. You'll get your broadband after all your farmland is bought up by foreign interests and there is a legitimate business need for it in your area.

  2. Oh, and don't forget that Walker turned down $23 million of stimulus money that WOULD HAVE DONE THE EXACT SAME THING TWO YEARS AGO.

    So instead, state taxpayers end up paying a lot more out of their own pockets, for less result. Just like the train fiasco.