Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ryan drags out Anchor Baby Slur, signals Phony Support of Immigration Reform. Thousands Protest, 25 turn up at Rally in Racine.

Just one more issue for Rep. Paul Ryan to deal with when he's up for reelection. Beside leading the biggest do nothing congress ever with his hard line budgetary politics, he's going to have to explain his perpetuation of the "anchor baby" wedge issue that inflames hard right conservatives.

The racial slur was used as a signal to his low information audience that Ryan has no real intention of backing effective immigration reform. Instead, the media is already crediting Ryan for his support because he brought it up. Like all Republicans who wave the Constitution as their guiding document, Ryan wants to make more changes to it. Whiners and sore losers all. Here's the offending video:

Mystateline: Say What?: Thousands Protest Paul Ryan's "Ethnic Slur"Folks rallied in Racine after Rep. Ryan used the phrase "anchor babies" during a town hall meeting in Burlington. He was responding to someone who used the term when asking a question. The term "anchor babies" refers to children born to a noncitizen mother in a country that grants automatic citizenship to those born on its soil, especially when the birthplace is chosen to improve the mother's chances of securing citizenship. More than 7 thousand people have signed an online petition to demand an apology from Ryan.

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