Wednesday, May 15, 2013

State Republican’s Brazen act of Power: Tear Down that Wall of Separation of Powers, between the Judicial and Legislative Branch of Government.

Republicans have a certain air of confidence knowing their state Supreme Court is actively conservative. It's fascinating to watch Republicans go absolutely power mad with their now super majorities and safe gerrymandered districts. With a lock on the massive network of conservative media statewide, it's time to plunder.
People still like the guy....

This is the new conservatism, the kind of government Scott Walker is advancing in Wisconsin, and later nationwide if given the opportunity.

It even plays well with the safer, more desperate conservative constituents, who are more politically defensive due to all the recall elections that would have “stolen” their original vote. They'll show us, even if they take the state down with them.

Like Rep. Peters Barca said, “If there is any doubt democracy is at risk in this state, then this is exhibit A."
jsonline-Patrick Marley: Orders by trial judges blocking state laws could be quickly overturned by lawyers - at least for a time … The court limits were advanced by Republicans in response to a series of court rulings that stalled some of their signature achievements over the last two years. Since 2011, circuit judges have blocked all or parts of laws backed by Republicans that required voters to show photo ID at the polls, limited collective bargaining for public employees and expanded the governor's power over administrative rules.

But the limits themselves may be unconstitutional, according to a review by nonpartisan lawyers who work for the Legislature. Democrats argued the proposed court limits would be found unconstitutional, because they improperly interfere with the judiciary, as former state Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske has said.

recent memo from the Legislative Council - a nonpartisan office that advises the Legislature - said "it appears possible that portions of the bill could be found unconstitutional under the separation of powers doctrine." Madison attorney Lester Pines, a Democrat who has successfully sued to block some GOP laws in recent years, said if the bill becomes law he would file a legal challenge and ask the state Supreme Court to immediately take it up.
This will pass and be challenged. Conservatives statewide will love the thought of one party rule and the subjugation of the minority liberal elements in the state. It's all so breathtaking to watch. 

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