Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lobbyist for Big Tobacco, Rent-to-Own and Loan Companies pushing privatized Bail Bondsman to save taxpayers money. What’s not to trust? No Red Flags?

Let’s face it, the above special interests are all big Republican supporters. Even though Big Tobacco and Rent-to-Own companies have a less than stellar history, we’re supposed to go along with even more “corporate promises” to supposedly save taxpayers money. I could be wrong, but that’s not why they’re in business is it?
jsonline: Two years after lawmakers unsuccessfully tried to enlarge the state budget by creating a privately run bail bonds system in Wisconsin, the controversial idea could be returning. Last time, the bipartisan group of opponents included the state's judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, sheriffs and clerks of court - virtually the entire legal system. Gov. Scott Walker ultimately killed the idea by vetoing it in June 2011.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said allowing bail bondsmen would increase the number of people who show up at their court date and reduce costs for the court system.
Here’s the kicker and big RED FLAG:
Supporters of the proposal, led by the American Bail Coalition, said that bondsmen would make government more efficient … The American Bail Coalition has registered to lobby lawmakers on the budget bill, hiring prominent Capitol lobbyist Eric Petersen, who also does work for a rent-to-own corporation, a title loan company and tobacco interests as well as other companies. Neither the Bail Coalition nor Petersen responded to requests for comment.
No response? I'm shocked!! I can hear the Walker zombies now, “big deal, so what.”  An amazing thing to say knowing bits and pieces of the government house our founding fathers build are getting sold off. Pretty soon, instead of defending our property rights, we’ll have landlords watching over that too. 

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