Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rob Zerban schools Paul Ryan on ObamaCare, Medicare for all!!! Ryan knows nothing about the Affordable Care Act.

Paul Ryan doesn't know anything about the Affordable Care Act. If he did, he wouldn't have made the following claims during his debate with Democratic challenger Rob Zerban in Janesville.
1. The government didn't take health care over. It created exchanges to shop for private insurance that now has to compete like never before.

2. "Patient centered" health care is a lie, but sounds better than insurer centered health care doesn't it.

3. "All the insurers competing with each other" for our business as consumers. First of all, the exchanges do just that, make insurers compete side by side with other providers. I don't know what he's talking about here. Secondly, health care is not a consumable, something we can choose to buy if we want. Many times were not even conscious.

4. ObamaCare doesn't take money from Medicare, it supports it, by closing the drug doughnut hole completely. You can even get your supplemental insurance on the exchange if you already have a policy, although your portion of the tax credit would no longer apply.  
When it was Democrat Rob Zerban's turn, he took complete control of the issue, from both a humanitarian and business perspective. It's really as easy as Zerban says it is:

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