Thursday, October 30, 2014

Schimel's politically charged run for Attorney General suggests highly partisan influence of our legal system.

Republican accusations of "activism" rings ridiculously hollow now after so many activist decisions both at the state and federal supreme court level. Hate to say the obvious, but the GOP use of the courts kind gives that whole thing away, you know?

But the word "activism" is still being used to ignite conservative outrage over everything that doesn't fall in line with their party agenda. Despotic, authoritarian, dictatorial? Sure, but conservatism is the politics of purity and leadership. It's a majority agenda that doesn't quite see the need for minority influence.

Throughout the attorney generals debate, Republican politician/Waukesha DA Brad Schimel pummeled DA Susan Happ with the activist label at every turn. Another funny thing, Republicans always gravitate to Waukesha County when they're in trouble. Why is that?

I edited together all the highlights:

Schimel's purely political statement that Happ would make Wisconsin less safe and economy less stable;     Schimel's hands off approach to the DNR's lack of enforcement on environmental law;    Schimel's "if you work for any size of should fear her do more agenda" (because a do-less agenda is better?);     Schimel lied when he said Happ didn't have a plan for cracking down on opium use;    Schimel called Happs defense of students ripped off by a number of private colleges a hit list;   Schimel criticized Happ for seeking a second opinion, which she was right in questioning (Schimel too smart for that?);    Schimel's stupid swearing in "fingers crossed" comment that still doesn't make any sense since AG's do offer constitutional opinions the state can act on;     Schimel was wrong on criminal background checks impeding gun purchases;     Schimel wants to correct a political mistake with a political plan to move two entire state departments to his control;   the funnier moment when Schimel admitted he wasn't anybody's choice to fill the open jobs he wanted ("they didn't hire me" should tell you something).

This is what's at stake if "Homer" Schimel takes over as AG:

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