Monday, October 13, 2014

Walker thugs use Walker Recall Blacklist in attempt to discredit Ethical Ruling favoring Happ!!!

Here comes the Walker Recall Blacklist, and another blatant Brad Schimel desperation pass. He’s hot into what appears to be a smear campaign unbefitting anyone seeking the office of the state’s attorney general. Dare we say he's not the impartial Republican candidate he says he is? 

This juvenile angry cheap shot headlined his campaign site yesterday and today:

Wrong way Schimel misjudged another one. 

As expected, Schimel’s bumbling came just before Happ was exonerated of any wrong doing in that past case. Schimel apparently has more of an issue with the Supreme Courts directives, than with Happ, who used their screening process exactly.
jsonline: The state agency that regulates the conduct of lawyers has thrown out a complaint against Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ, the Democrat running for attorney general. Happ said that she followed state Supreme Court rules by screening herself from the case as soon as she saw that the defendant was a man she and her husband were involved with in a real estate transaction.

"Our ethical rules require this," she said.
Here’s where the Walker Recall Blacklist reared its ugly head, attempting to smear a Walker Authority opponent for their personal political position:

But Republicans immediately questioned the agency's finding because they said the investigator who looked into it had signed a petition to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker in 2012.
Isn't it time we end this long running gag that portrays Republicans as poor defenseless victims?


  1. They really have nothing, do they John?

    The GOP's "whining and throwing crap against the wall strategy" is the really pathetic part. They knew this story was a giant nothingburger, but that didn't stop them and their media outlets from catapulting the propaganda.

    Isn't it well past time that responsible media just stop listening to the allegations (I'm looking at you, Dan Bice)?

  2. I know, we're watching this thing slip away while the media pretend the GOP has a legitimate point to make. I not sure what happened to Bice, taking the bait like he did.

    It seems the issues and solutions are no longer important. The exception? The debate reporters who did a great job for both governor and AG races.