Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hesselbein doesn't hold back....refreshing.

Want to see how a real Democrat answers questions? Check out Middleton Representative Dianne Hesselbein’s responses to the State Journal candidates Q & A.  Believe me, you’ll never hear DPW’s Mike Tate say anything so uncluttered and to the point: 
Q&A: Do you favor making Wisconsin a right-to-work state?
Hesselbein: No. Let’s call it the way it really is: “right-to-work” means “work-for-less” pay and benefits. The intent is to cripple unions and move employees toward the economic status of Chinese and Vietnamese working in virtual slavery. Right-to-work legislation has not benefited the middle and working class families in neighboring states, and it will not benefit hard-working Wisconsinites.
What changes do you want to see in state environmental laws and regulations?
Hesselbein: I want out-of-state companies to stop donating $700,000 to campaign committees that in turn write legislative bills detrimental to the state of Wisconsin. I want clear, rigorous laws enacted by state legislators that provide a better life for Wisconsin citizens, not for outside interests. We simply cannot permit long-term devastation of our environment by corporate carpetbaggers seeking short-term profits.
Come on, tell us what you really think.

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