Thursday, October 2, 2014

Republicans hold up ad telling voters they'll need an ID at the polls. Yawn, Can't find the time...

No big hurry, we'll get to it. What's the rush?

You would think the protectors of voter integrity would be rushing out, trying to get as many people to vote with a valid photo ID because that would be the right thing to do? Ah, guess not... 
At a turtles pace, voter ID ad waits for GOP approval!
jsonline: State election officials are asking the Legislature's budget committee to provide more than $460,000 to run an ad campaign tell voters they will need a photo ID at the polls Nov. 4. The accountability board on Monday asked that the money be passed onto the agency so it could run the ads.
Unlike the legal rush to push the courts for an immediate decision, Republicans Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. John Nygren are taking their ever lovin’ time informing the voters about how they can get their ID’s and navigate around the new rules. 

In fact, they're going to throw away two weeks and possibly thousands of potential votes playing their waiting game:
AP: The Legislature's budget committee plans to meet Tuesday to consider a request to spend about $461,000 to educate voters about the voter identification law before the Nov. 4 election.
Anyone else even just a little shocked?

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