Sunday, October 26, 2014

Chuck Todd comes to Madison, Wisconsin.

Here's Chuck Todd's visit to Wisconsin at Madison's Babe's Restaurant:

He said Wisconsin may be closer to breaking the clutches of political polarization because of what the state has endured in recent years through protests and the 2011 recall effort against Gov. Scott Walker. "They're a little further down the process here of trying to heal the divide simply because they stared into the abyss in a way that maybe even Washington has yet to stare into," Todd said in the video.


  1. Is he kidding? Note that he went to generic West side sports bar Babe's, and not the Willy/Atwood area where Uprising posters are still commonly seen.

    It only starts healing when Walker is removed, and not a moment before.

  2. Yup..polarization is so over with. He is clueless.

    Can you imagine the stuck pig squeals from Republicans if Scott Walker is ever indicted?