Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Walker, Vos dance to tune of Wisconsin Club for Growth, propose disbanding independent GAB oversight.

Who controls Scott Walker and our state legislature? The conservative party bosses at Wisconsin Club for Growth, that’s who.

And when the Club bosses are unhappy, Republican legislators develop new and aggressive "leadership" skills, that coincidentally fall in line with the Club.

After rearranging the bits and pieces in the Journal Sentinel article by Patrick Marley, you’ll see why. From the very beginning, Rep. Robin Vos has bashed the Government Accountability Board because he thinks that they, or any independent group, cannot actually be nonpartisan. That's impossible. Under that false premise, Vos thinks the controlling party should make all the partisan appointments they want, same difference. Checks and balances:
jsonline: Prosecutors and the Government Accountability Board have been looking into whether the club or other conservative groups illegally worked with the campaigns of Gov. Scott Walker and other Republicans during the 2011 and 2012 recalls.
You don’t threaten or challenge conservatives. The clubs boss Eric O'Keefe sued the Milwaukee DA, making it clear he wasn't happy with Republican inaction. Vos sprung into action, and sued the accountability board because of their redesigned ballot and to make them look bad. It was stupid, so even a conservative Waukesha County judge dismissed the case. In an uncontrolled hissy fit of authoritarian rage, Vos declared on the Wisconsin Radio Network (audio from WPR):

"Kevin Kennedy (head of the GAB) has to go. He needs to be gone, he is an embarrassment and I can't say it any more emphatically than I am right now. I promise you that two years from now when we're sitting here the GAB will not be in the current format that it is currently put together. It is dysfunctional, it is unresponsive and it is totally undemocratic."
Vos, under pressure from the Wisconsin Club for Growth's party bosses and others, said he will change the elections board to one that is loyal to the authority. A sure fire way to instill confidence and integrity in our elections. 

In the meantime, party boss O’Keefe will use its vast financial resources to make an example of the GAB and the DA's office, not because of their duty to provide oversight, but because they had the gall to picked a “fight” with the real party bosses.  
O'Keefe said Chisholm had started the fight over campaign finance laws that he claims has shut out conservative voices from the state's political debate. But "my team will decide when it's over," O'Keefe said.
And like every Republican "plan," there isn't one:
Phony GOP Partisan Problems
Vos said he's unlikely to have a concrete proposal for changing or replacing the accountability board before the election.
Of course this is all speculation, based on the purely coincidental actions by Vos and the Club's party boss.

And what kind of guy is Eric O’Keefe? Check out his comments on conservative talker Vicki McKenna’s radio show:
 “I have read some about rape and I have talked about rape and I am saying this deliberately. The reactions that I got from the people I interviewed were similar to a rape victim.”

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