Friday, October 17, 2014

Republican Frivolous Lawsuit mill churns out another lawsuit threat, this time aimed at stopping a minimum wage hike.

If the next governor raises the minimum wage, they’re gonna get sued.

Anti-government conservatives have found a way to gum up government by suing government for everything they don’t like. And by using our now conservative activist courts to their advantage, they can get almost anything stopped dead in its tracks.

Lawsuit mill Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty is cranking out lawsuits and threats almost every day, winning some of them through court order or by intimidation.  

Hand it to Rick Esenberg for successfully using of one branch to take down the other.

Here's Esenberg's proposal:
First, were Governor Walker or any other governor to use sec. 104.02 to unilaterally raise the minimum wage, there would be one serious lawsuit … sec. 104.02 doesn't say that the requisite wage should be enough to support a family.
Esenberg than forgot all that legal stuff to spout hard right wing justifications to keep poverty right where it is. You know, suggesting the poor are doing better than most, because of their microwave ovens, cell phones and “flat” screen TV’s.  Slow recovery? I wonder why?

Here’s hoping conservative ideologues like Esenberg continue to proudly spout their Dickensian drivel and make every frivolous lawsuit a media event. People will start feeling a little uncomfortable:
"We are right to note that a minimum wage increase might well hurt more people than it helps. We are right to say that distorting labor markets is not way to help poor people. But we ought to acknowledge that, once we recognize that the marginal value to an employer of certain workers will not exceed a relatively low level…"
Please, enough already. 

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