Sunday, October 12, 2014

Walker loses debate on Environment, deliberately ignores Sand Mining in Wisconsin, says, "Thanks to God and the glaciers we have some of the best frac sand in the world."

I'm hoping many in the state not familiar with Scott Walker's mishandling of mining in Wisconsin were shocked at what they heard during the first debate.

The one big thing we have going for our state is tourism...our environment. And Walker is giving that away to out-of-state interests with no mining oversight. And this is another instance where "stand with Walker" voters complained the debate panel of reporters were showing their liberal stripes. Really?

Walker has allowed the frac sand mining industry to takeoff in the state without putting in place up and running regulatory oversight to match that growth. First, who the hell would do that, and second, who would think catching up eventually is a good idea? No one but Walker.

Trempealeau County closed down a sand mine operating without a permit? That's right, no permit, they just came in and started digging. Jaw dropping? But Walker calmly promised the DNR would catch up if he's reelected. Walker even blamed staff shortages on tight budgeting, after making major cuts in tax revenue. Huh?

Catching up eventually is not an answer. This was an easy topic for Democrat Mary Burke to win on:

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