Thursday, October 9, 2014

Republican protection racket rolling out!!!

You would find it hard to just can't make this kind of stuff up, but it's happening in real time and voters don't seem fazed by it; Walker first promised to "divide and conquer" workers, elected politicians were sworn to secrecy creating safe gerrymandered districts, Republicans ran phony Democrats during elections, and then created a maze of complicated and frustrating voting regulations to stay in power.

Phase two. 

Lap Dog AG?
With Rep. Robin Vos promising to disband the independent Government Accountability Board in favor of partisan appointments, another facet of the Republican protection racket is in the works. And it’s a big piece of the plan.

It’s the AG’s race. If history is any guide, Waukesha County’s DA Brad Schimel will shine. Not only has he come right out and said he’ll support anything passed out of the Republican administration, but he will also go easy on Republican operatives who blatantly break the law. This isn't the fabricated “easy on sex offenders” bullshit tossed out as election fodder, no, this is a get out of jail card for destroying evidence…by a conservative attorney no less.

Blogging Blue nailed it in their recent post, a shocking story that sets up an almost bullet proof political regime. In summary, it goes something like this:
-Darlene Wink, a former aide to Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, was caught using her taxpayer-provided County computer to do political work for Walker.

-Attorney Christopher Wiesmueller offered to represent her pro bono … advised Wink to remove all evidence related to her political activity … files and emails. Wiesmueller also offered to assist Wink … so Wink left the laptop at Wiesmueller’s office … (who) subsequently deleted the files...

-Wink met with the John Doe prosecutor and investigator … Wink’s political fundraising activities were discussed, and after being informed that the investigation showed emails relevant to the investigation had been deleted from Wink’s computer, Wink denied having any help … attorney Wiesmueller admitted he had advised Wink to delete the evidence, but Wiesmueller did not admit his role.

-In exchange for providing information about Wiesmueller’s role in the destruction of evidence, Wink was offered immunity … The prosecutor referred the matter of Wiesmueller’s destruction of evidence to the Waukesha County District Attorney’s Office, (Brad Schimel) agreed to forego filing criminal charges provided he made a thorough and complete report of his conduct to the Office of Lawyer Regulation. Wiesmueller reported his conduct in July of 2012 … did not incur any criminal sanctions as a result of his conduct in destroying the digital evidence of his client’s crimes. 
Uppity’s Zach Wisniewski summed it up this way:
So what I’d like to know is why Brad Schimel decided not to pursue charges against fellow Republican Christopher Wiesmueller after Wiesmueller destroyed evidence that would implicate his client in an ongoing criminal investigation?
Without election oversight and a powerful compliant conservative AG, the red state one party agenda is unstoppable and above the law. 


  1. John --- Much as we love to take credit for everything possible --- that article would have been on Blogging Blue, not Uppitywis :-)