Sunday, October 5, 2014

PolitiFact says Walker's jobs performance improved, moving Wisconsin out of last place. Pants on Fire!

We know Scott Walker broke his outrageous campaign promise to create 250,000 jobs, THE big lie that won him an election, because of the state's last place position in job creation in the Midwest.

But PolitiFact decided to split hairs with a big “Untrue” rating for Burke, who insisted Walker was still last.
For the first three years of Walker’s term, Wisconsin did rank last in the Midwest -- both for the three years as a whole, and in each of the individual years. That’s a true statement, and we have rated it as such … this claim from Burke has remained stuck in the past … ignores the most recent 12-month performance -- a common yardstick for economists -- that says Wisconsin’s performance improved and was better than two other Midwest states. We rate the claim False.
But if we want to be completely accurate about Walker’s “performance improvement,” is would be helpful to include the fact that Walker’s performance DIDN’T improve after all:
The state's job-creation pace was virtually unchanged from the previous quarter, when Wisconsin added jobs at a rate of 1.27%. Its rate during the latest period surpassed neighboring Illinois and Minnesota, however, because job creation in those two states slowed.
Which in turn helped raise its Midwest ranking. I rate Walker's improved performance .................


  1. In the Burke claim, Politifact says the timeframe used by Burke to support her statement does not correspond well with anything. LOL.

    But yes it does. It's shifted by a few months, but still continuous and completely in Walker's term. It supports her statement! They even admit "true enough."

    But it doesn't support their shift to make it a "false" rating!!

    Politifact has become a caricature of itself.

  2. Politi-crap has been consistently putting words in Dems ' mouths and then "disproving" the things they didn't say.

    I looked at the numbers, and combining 3 years of the "gold standard" report and the last 5 months of jobs reports...STILL PUTS WISCONSIN DEAD LAST IN THE MIDWEST FOR JOBS!

    Lou is correct- Politi-crap has become a slanted joke of false equivalency to favor their boy Scotty

  3. Agreed. I have always liked their research, but as we've all noticed lately, they've created issues and then disproved them more than in the past, lowering the rating in the end on important issues.