Thursday, October 30, 2014

Corporate-funded ALEC may just amend our state constitutional for profit and Scott Walker's political power.

Does out-of-state big business and ALEC write laws for Wisconsin? You bet, and we’re about to vote on ALEC's own amendment to our constitution, for road builders.

But right wingers like “stand with Walker” Brownshirts laughed when liberals said ALEC was “evil." So these saps decided to lead us into the Soylent Green shredder and chip making machine for CEO snacking when they finally take over:

ALEC's good. All this talk is liberal fear mongering, despite the following…:
PR Watch: On November 4, Wisconsin voters will decide if the state constitution should be amended to require that “revenues generated by use of the state transportation system be deposited into a transportation fund administered by a department of transportation for the exclusive purpose of funding Wisconsin's transportation systems and to prohibit any transfers or lapses from this fund." The ballot measure reflects model legislation pushed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that is intended to prioritize road funding over all other types of transportation spending.

Shahla Werner, Director of the Sierra Club's in Wisconsin is worried that if the amendment passes and Walker succeeds with his multi-year effort to remove all public transit from the transportation budget, the result will be that all funds generated by state gas taxes and vehicle registrations will be locked in for roads.
Heck, that didn't sound good did it? Unless you don’t care about public transportation, a must have for the 20 something’s who like to commute. They even say they'll move to cities with the best public transportation, and leave Wisconsin far behind. 
ALEC is good. All this talk is liberal fear mongering, despite the following…:
In April 2011, former State Senator Randy Hopper authored the first consideration of the amendment, Senate Joint Resolution 23. In January 2013, ALEC member Representative Keith Ripp took up the cause, introducing Assembly Joint Resolution 2.

"A Guaranteed Fund for a Powerful Special Interest:" According to Wisconsin State Senator Fred Risser, the measure would create "a guaranteed fund for a powerful special interest."
Who cares when you have the job creators behind it:
Supporters of the amendment include Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin, Transportation Investment Coalition, Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association, Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers Association, Wisconsin Automotive Aftermarket Association, Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association, and Wisconsin Concrete Pipe Association.

"It serves no useful purpose to submit to the highway lobby and guarantee them a constitutionally protected fund that can never be touched even in the case of economic crisis or statewide emergency," Risser wrote for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Pay to play Scott Walker is in the pocket of big business? God you liberals hate Walker an business so much:
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign underscore his argument … found that "the proposal is before voters because a group of wealthy special interests contributed nearly one-third -- $5.5 million -- of the $18.3 million large individual and political action committee contributions accepted by the current legislature."

And, needless to say, Governor Walker is also a major beneficiary of the amendment's special interest backers, who contributed about a third -- $15.7 million of the $45.1 million -- of the large individual and PAC contributions the governor got between 2011-2014.
It's all a fantastic coincidence.


  1. "write laws" not "right laws", my friend.

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  2. Weird wrong word choice, thanks.

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