Thursday, October 16, 2014

Americans for Prosperity up to Lies and misinformation in Get-out-the-Vote Mailers.

From the group that can't tell the truth about anything, Americans for Prosperity is coming on strong this election season. Like the following PolitiFact rating:
Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group, reminded voters of Walker’s support for the mine in a flier mailed to voters in early October with the headline: "Wisconsin is back to work." Next to a image of a mining helmet, the flier states:  "Under the administration of Gov. Scott Walker, northern Wisconsin’s mining economy is moving forward and more people are getting good, high-paying jobs."
 This is what they thought:
But that's not all either. Check out what happened in AFP's the get out the vote mailer in N. Carolina: Lots of misinformation-wrong deadlines and wrong state agency,  and it was sent to the wrong people. Hey, no ones perfect. AFP officials said they will correct any mistakes...: