Monday, October 13, 2014

Sen. Fitzgerald cites fellow Republican accused of 13 counts of Voter Fraud as reason why we need ID.

Remember 50-year-old health insurance executive and Republican Robert Monroe, who was caught and charged with 13 counts of voter fraud? Voter photo ID at the polls would not have stopped this guy, and more importantly, current safe guards led to his arrest. He did register to vote in Milwaukee using his mothers address and a false Social Security number to vote there, leaving open the question as to whether a photo ID might have stopped him. But nobody is saying fraud doesn't exist, it's just rare.

Yet to hear Sen. Scott Fitzgerald version of the story, you'd think voter photo ID would have solved the problem. Fitzgerald was even eager to throw this fellow Republican under the bus to make his phony argument. I put together this Upfront with Mike Gousha audio only slide show:

WisPolitics: The Senate majority leader told "UpFront with Mike Gousha" he believes the upcoming election will yield examples of voter fraud. Fitzgerald pointed to news accounts that revealed a Republican advocate voted multiple times in a previous election as evidence of the need for the changes enacted by the blocked law.
But this kind of fraud is already as rare as Sasquatch sightings.

Just as interesting, in August, Monroe admitted what we already knew about conservative voters in general:
A Shorewood man charged with illegally casting multiple votes in various elections, including five in the 2012 Wisconsin gubernatorial recall, has entered an insanity plea.
Great punchline, right? But I thought the following down-the-rabbit-hole example proving Monroe's insanity was also worth a mention:
Monroe's girlfriend, Nicole Mueller, had recalled several "brief amnesic episodes," including one occasion in which Monroe ordered a large pajama suit for her and had no memory of it later.
How insane is that?

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