Friday, October 17, 2014

Road Building Lobbyists closer to Constitutionally guaranteeing Taxpayer Funding.

Boy, this is really a bad idea, and Scott Walker is handing over another gift to GOP donors in the road building industry. Constitutionally guaranteeing money for transportation but not making that same guarantee for education is lunacy and perhaps the last straw for voters.

Yes, I know, Mary Burke supports this statewide referendum, but vote against it anyway. Recently on WPR, State Sen. Fred Risser argued against this blatant payoff to Walker special interests. Great stuff:

WISC's Jessica Arp presented a similar argument, but this time within the Democratic Party. But aren't we all getting tired of the "broke the peoples trust" excuse? Future legislatures need to have budgeting flexibility. Democratic Rep. Terese Berceau makes a pretty convincing argument:

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