Monday, October 27, 2014

Fox News Heads Explode, part 2: Clinton called names as proof she's wrong.

Hillary Clinton stirred up a bees nest dissing trickle down, supply side economics. 

"And don't let anybody tell you, that, you know, it's corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know, that old theory, trickle-down economics. That has been tried. That has failed. That has failed rather spectacularly."
In the most stunning and amazing example of “projection,” ever, I was directed by an anonymous conservative in the comment section to this website that supposedly offered a rebuttal to Hillary. The clueless GOP base is actually described perfectly in the article.

What conservatives don’t understand is, wait for it, is consumer DEMAND. Consumers have all the power. But the wealthy elite and corporate CEO’s, marketed as “job creators,” don’t want the riff raff to know that they need us desperately, and depend on demand.
Projection? See if you agree. It’s jaw dropping Bizarro World supply side stuff that doesn't offer one solid fact or rebuttal. Just name calling. It's laughable stuff:
Hillary — Are You Ignorant, Stupid or Just a Demagogue? Ignorance seems to be overwhelming everything. Nowhere is that more apparent than in basic economics. The political class uses economic ignorance as the basis for wild claims. So where do jobs come from? Do they just happen, sort of like Ebola? Or, as many politicians would want you to believe, are they created by government? Clinton’s statement above is dependent upon extreme ignorance, or even plain stupidity. If she truly believes it, then she is stupid. (With her background, it is impossible to claim she is ignorant.) Thus, for her to issue such a statement reflects either stupidity or duplicity. Either, in my opinion, disqualifies someone from my vote … If it doesn't represent stupidity than it is demagoguery of the worst kind. Neither deserves voting support.
Let's take a shot at public education for not teaching trickle down economics:
Sadly, ignorance regarding basic economics … we can thank our public schools. Just as Catholic schools do not teach the Muslim religion, government-run schools do not teach free markets. Perhaps it is no accident that the declining school standards are not corrected. Neither political party seems concerned with remedying the process which converts the raw material of our future into functioning citizens.
Yea, my kid is a “raw material.” Wow. I know, it’s truly beyond outrageous. Here’s projection that goes off the Richter scale:
As in so many other aspects of government, H. L. Mencken appears to have gotten it right: The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots. In the great predatory game of politics, it is the citizen who is the prey.
Would it be stupid to compare the number of working Americans just before the Great Recession to the jobs situation right now? Of course, but it’s a trick conservative minds won’t pick up on:
The miminum-wage bill for which Hillary Clinton voted passed in 2007 and took effect in stages, beginning that summer. In June 2007, the Household Survey of the BLS showed that the US economy had 146.063 million jobs in June 2007, just before the increase took place. Last month’s data showed that the US economy had 146.6 million jobs — an increase of less than 500,000 in over 7 years, not “millions of jobs” as Hillary claims here.
The fact that Clinton added nearly 21 million jobs is somehow lost in the mix, while later they did mention Reagan’s total. Funny thing isn't it? And CNN embarrassed themselves:
CNN host John King presented Clinton's comments as a fumble "a little reminiscent there of Mitt Romney saying corporations are people, too," and USA Today called the comments "An odd moment from Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail Friday - and one she may regret."
That was like Romney? Clinton also said this:
"One of the things my husband says, when people say, what did you bring to Washington? He says, well I brought arithmetic. And part of it was he demonstrated why trickle down should be consigned to the trash bin of history. More tax cuts for the top and for companies that ship jobs over seas while taxpayers and voters are stuck paying the freight just doesn't add up."
Here's the argument for "demand:"
 U.S. economic growth has historically relied on consumer spending, and middle class consumers are "the true job creators," Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz points out. Right now, the U.S. economy is "demand-starved," as Economic Policy Institute's (EPI) Joshua Smith puts it. Steiglitz says that, of all the problems facing the U.S. economy, "The most immediate is that our middle class is too weak to support the consumer spending that has historically driven our economic growth."

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  1. Yes, please stop shopping at target and walmart and see how many new jobs they create. Then tax them more and tell them to pay their fair share and demand they pay their employees $15 to ring a register. I'm sure the jobs will come flowing back.

    Businesses don't create jobs for the sake of creating jobs. And government doesn't create productive jobs.

    Until Americans learn how to produce goods that can be exported, jobs won't be coming back to America anytime soon.

    Just because somebody needs a job, doesn't mean they have the skills or labor needed to produce anything of value.

    Don't worry, I'm sure someone will pay you to keep complaining about Republicans. It's not like we don't hear about it everywhere.