Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Walker tried to grease skids for campaign treasurer's bid to provide office space for County.

Scott Walker wasn't charged, so never mind? He still doesn't get how he can be judged by his actions and the choice of people he has around him. Again, why is this always happening to poor Scotty, and why is he declining to answer these questions too:  
jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday declined to answer specific questions about why he helped his campaign treasurer in an ultimately unsuccessful bid in 2010 to provide office space for Milwaukee County, where Walker was the county executive. But Walker noted that no one was charged.

“…in that particular case, I opted to go with county property. None of the bidders that ultimately bid on it got the bid because we felt the best deal for the taxpayers of the county at that time was to go with county property.”
Real estate broker John Hiller lobbied for the county to sell its City Campus building and then got detailed information from a top Walker aide around the time bids were being evaluated to provide office space for workers to be displaced by the sale. The emails show that Hiller, Walker’s campaign treasurer, was given information by Cindy Archer, director of the Department of Administration. 
Of course Walker is the victim of partisan politics. He’s a victim alright, but of his own past actions:
Walker said, “Clearly, the highly partisan Milwaukee County executive, who has given $63,000 to my opponent, released four-year-old emails two weeks before the election to distract voters from my opponent’s failed record.”  
Bring out the Walker Recall Blacklist Please: WISGOP’s reaction is laughable and so predictable; they cleverly tried to use Walker’s own problem of illegal coordination as a hammer against Abele. Oh, and someone signed Walker’s recall petition, so they can’t be trusted either. Two birds with one stone:
The Republican Party of Wisconsin said it filed an open-records request with Abele’s office Tuesday, calling the release a “slimy political stunt” involving “directly coordinating messaging” between Abele’s office and the campaign of Democrat Mary Burke. It also accused Milwaukee County Corporation Counsel Paul Bargren of having partisan motives, noting that he signed a petition to recall Walker as governor.

But Abele spokesman Brendan Conway said “From the time the judge ordered these emails to be released, County Executive Abele put himself at arm’s length and had the county’s attorneys, not politicians, fully handle the vetting and release of these public records.” 
More Fallour Update: From the Wisconsin State Journal's Dee Hall:
A national procurement expert said Wednesday that inside information on a county real estate deal provided by top Milwaukee County officials to the treasurer of Gov. Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign was “highly unethical” and made a “fraud of the entire process.”

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