Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conservative brings up Hanging as the solution to end abortions!!!

I always thought it was odd that the abortion debate often excludes the role men have. If men were included as the responsible “other half” of unwanted pregnancies, we wouldn't have this dumbed down discussion that sounds like something straight out off the ISIS platform.

Case in point, another revealing look inside the mind of right wing authoritarian conservatism:
RH: This weekend, Kevin Williamson, whose Twitter bio describes him as a “roving reporter for the National Review,” declared on Twitter that all abortions should be treated as premeditated homicide, and that women who have had abortions should face capital punishment, namely hanging. No exceptions.

He claims a “consistent life ethic,” which would mean he is against capital punishment per se but believes there are circumstances in which capital punishment should be employed anyway. He is either unaware of or irresponsibly ignores the fact that in many states in this country women are today being arrested for miscarriage and pregnancy loss on the basis of “suspected abortion.” 
Given the chance to control the country, Republicans won't shy away from it's ideas like this.  

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