Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Walker desperation throw smears Burke, attacking her business strength to win it all. Real governor/presidential material there.

I won't dignify this very effective act of desperation to seal the deal for Walker. Real class act:

Burke and Trek Bicycle called the claims outrageous, pointing out that the statements are being made by former Trek employees who had to leave the company, are both conservative and are airing them just six days out from Tuesday's tight election.

Burke said it was "the kind of smear that has gone on since the start of this campaign."
I just heard Mary Burke shoot back that at least a million people in Wisconsin wanted to see Walker forced out...FIRED. Nice one. 

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  1. Well, you have to see this. It really flies in the face of what's being churned out of RightWisconsin and Wisconsin Reporter. SHAREWORTHY.