Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Marquette Poll results show Walker leading Burke. Happ also trails mind numbing Schimel.

It looks like Scott Walker is pulling ahead of Mary Burke in a number of areas, according to the Marquette University Poll. Walker leads:
-support from men (62%) to Burke's support from women (54%),  

-voter ID approval (63%)

-Walker leads among voters with incomes over $40,000.

-  Walker leads in the Milwaukee market outside the city by 62-32 and in the Green Bay market 52‑43. Burke leads in the city of Milwaukee 69-24 percent and in the Madison media market 66-31 percent. In the rest of the state, Walker leads 58-39 percent.
Why Democrats don't bring up the fact that Walker gave Medicaid the ability to go after family farms to recover money owed by deceased owners is anybody's guess. That wasn't part of any federal requirement, that was a gift to the expanding corporate farm industry.

And shame on the Democrats for the following results regarding drug testing for god it's a rudderless party:
56% of registered voters support drug testing for recipients of unemployment benefits and food stamps, while 41% think such testing would “be a waste of money with little impact.” 

Support for testing is strongest among Republican voters by a 78-20 percent margin, while independents support testing by 50-46 percent and a majority of Democrats oppose testing (40 percent in support and 55 percent in opposition).
And on jobs:
-18% say that the Burke jobs plan story makes them less likely to vote for her, while 73% say that it makes no difference and 7% say that it makes them more likely to support her. 

-For the story on ranking in jobs growth, 26% say that this makes them less likely to vote for Walker, 65% say that it makes no difference and 8% say that it makes them more likely to vote for him.
The Susan Happ and Brad Schimel AG race:
Among likely voters, Republican Brad Schimel receives support from 41% and Democrat Susan Happ from 39 percent, with 19% saying that they are undecided or don’t know for whom they will vote. Among registered voters, Schimel receives 37% and Happ 37%, with 22% yet to choose a candidate.


  1. Don't worry about it too much. Poll sample for who was a "likely" voter was ridiculous. Unless you think a state that hasn't voted GOP for president since 1984 and has had 1 fluke GOP Senator since 1986 somehow has more GOPs voting than Dems.

  2. rudderless party... what an understatement!