Monday, October 20, 2014

Republicans were for "czars," before they were against them, before they were for them again.

My conservative friend in Milwaukee called and asked me if I was concerned about what the government isn't telling us about the spread of Ebola. Never mind what the medical community is doing about the disease. Indefinite travel blockades and blaming Obama was tops on his list. He never thought about the successful Republican efforts to block the next Surgeon General, the very person who would be handling this right now. Obama's nominee got the GOP's thumbs down for talking about the health care crisis involving the use of firearms.

I also asked him if Gov. Rick Perry should also be blamed for the spread in Texas, along with the TB outbreak there. He never heard about the 5 newborn babies who tested positive for TB, infected by a nurses assistant who was allowed to work for weeks while sick. Health care is not a concern in Texas. My friend got angry, accusing me of changing the subject, and hung up. 

He called me a few days later to harass me over the new Ebola "czar," even though many Republicans called for one. I asked him if he saw Rachel Maddow's coverage of just that subject. He didn't. Maddow recalled how a number of Republicans wrote a bill banning the creation of "czars." Those same Republicans apparently forgot how much they hated czar's, because now their leading the charge to appoint one.

Media Matter's also posted this reminder:

When Conservative Media Didn't Care Bush's Bird Flu Czar Had No Medical Experience

Funny revealing stuff about the every changing platform of our "principled" GOP hypocrites:

Economic columnist David Cay Johnston also pointed out how the Texas problem started at a profit hospital. But wait, for profit health care is the GOP solution to ObamaCare:

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