Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Walker, Schimel pulling away with 6 days left...Wisconsinites love confident GOP Smokescreen.

The amazing shift in Wisconsin’s political leanings is becoming more pronounced, as conservative voters realized they've got a united, single minded lock step agenda that energizes their entire base. Republican turnout is almost impossible to believe.

Walker has managed the magic 50% mark, to Mary Burke’s 43%. But Burke’s disapproval numbers have gone through the roof. jsonline:
Among registered voters, 38% view Burke favorably while 45% view her unfavorably. Among likely voters, 39% view her favorably while 49% view her unfavorably.
And again, not only are Democrats unable to articulate a strong clear agenda, they don’t seem motivated enough show up to vote:
In Marquette's last poll, 82% of Republicans and 80% of Democrats said they were certain to vote. In the new poll, 93% of Republicans and 82% of Democrats said they were certain to vote. Those numbers are similar to what voters were reporting before the recall election of 2012, which Walker won by 7 points.
Wisconsinites vote no for Democrats, vote Yes for their Platform: Had Democrats been pushing their agenda as hard as rabid dog Republicans, they would won on the war of ideas. Try and figure this one out:
 60% said Wisconsin should accept federal funds to expand Medicaid coverage; 25% say it should reject expansion.

 57% back a hike in the minimum wage; 39% oppose it.
Of course voters are also convinced of voter fraud, and like it or not, will continue to see heavy regulations and tighter restrictions in the coming legislative sessions. Representative democracy is slowly slipping away, and we have ourselves to blame:
60% support a requirement of a photo ID to vote; 36% are opposed.
And it’s a sweep with the attorney generals race, that will leave GOP legislators insulated from legal challenges.
Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel is leading Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ 43%-39% among likely voters. The two are tied at 40% among all registered voters.  
There's some truth in the fact that this blog and many others preach to their choir. Conservatives will never challenge us or mention out names in their own media bubble. What their listeners don't know won't hurt them right now.

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  1. Don't buy the LV numbers- the RV numbers are more accurate. Check the samples- one is much closer to reality.

    Still an even race, but the Marquette boys do need their voucher money. Keep it in mind.