Friday, October 17, 2014

Burke on message with Minimum Wage Hike, taking people off Assistance.

Scott Walker's campaign is self destructing, turning to odd old messages about plagiarism, jobs, and even bragging that he didn't create nearly as many jobs as he promised. Yikes.

Walker is also picking up on past comments made by folks who didn't agree with Burkes hard nosed business tactic running the Department of Commerce. Because you know, women aren't supposed to be so aggressive and disagree with the opinion of men who are angry about not be getting what they want.

I thought Republicans were all about "leadership." Not when it's Mary Burke, and not when it's a business woman with executive experience.

Summing it up perfectly is WISGOP's Brian Schimming,
"We've grown in personal income here in Wisconsin while he's been governor. Ah, the jobs are growing. All those good indicators are happening. That's what we have to focus our time on. Instead of getting "political" about minimum wage or any other issue."
But Wisconsin voters are more concerned about their wages and job security. In fact, raising the minimum wage is proving to be an upward trending issue completely dismissed by Walker:
Another poll has confirmed that the issue of the minimum wage has put Scott Walker’s reelection chances in serious danger. The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, found that 44% of Wisconsin voters, including 38% of independent voters, say Walker’s opposition to increasing the minimum wage makes them less likely to vote for him. 

“Scott Walker is losing ground because of his refusal to raise Wisconsin’s minimum wage,” said Jon Green, deputy director of Working Families. “It’s no coincidence that his lead disappeared at the same time he was saying $7.25 is a living wage.” The new poll results follow yesterday’s Marquette University Law School poll, which found increasing support for the minimum wage while Mary Burke eliminated Scott Walker’s previous 5-point lead. 
Burke responded:
"By raising the minimum wage, we put more money into our economy because that money is going to be spent. We reduce the budgets, whether it's federal or state in terms of public assistance, and people are better able to support themselves." 
WKOW's Greg Neumann reported this on the other day, including Schimming's and Burke's comments:

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