Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another of Walker's Biggest Campaign Lies: we have a $535 million budget surplus!!!

Who didn't see this one coming? "Stand with Walker" drones, that's who:

Here's how slick Scotty did it again; it's the old career politicians double standard trick:
Walker’s own budgets report the "structural deficit" number using the method the Fiscal Bureau used to come up with $1.8 billion. Indeed, Walker has used the "structural deficit" estimates to his advantage in the past and even has made it the centerpiece of his re-election campaign.  the governor is seeking to have it both ways, trumpeting the bureau’s method when it suits him and rejecting it when it does not. Walker told debate viewers: "The next state budget will begin with a surplus of over half a billion dollars -- $535 million to be exact."

That rosy number flies in the face of the official estimate that uses a long-established method used by members of both parties, and the governor’s budget office.

We rate the claim False.

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  1. And even worse, it's a zombie lie from WisGOP legislators who gave rosy scenarios a month ago. This is a classic case of what Dubya called "catapulting the propaganda."

    The real Gen Fund deficit number is probably near $400 mil for this year, and probably $1.9 billon in deficits for the next one.