Monday, October 13, 2014

Walker’s Shocking Disrespect for Women!!! Says “People around (Burke) have to set her up to be angry at me,” and debate was “largely to ignore my opponent.”

A double Romney moment for Walker? You won't believe...

Scott Walker made it very clear where he thinks Mary Burke belongs, and it wasn't standing next to him as a respected candidate for the governorship.

In a stunning moment of rightwing authoritarian arrogance, Walker couldn't hide his glee over the resulting GOP spin regarding Burke’s hesitation to compliment him, as if he deserved it. jsonline:
Republicans noted after the debate that Burke appeared ungracious when the candidates were asked to name something that they admired in the other.

Walker said, "You think usually when you go second you get a moment to catch your thoughts. I think that's probably a reflection of the people around her (who) have so set her up to be angry at me."
Yea, we need to fill Burke's empty head with anger. Reflecting his attitude and ruling style that relegates the opposition to second class status:
Walker said his goal during the debate was "largely to ignore my opponent and really just spend my time talking to the people of this state."
Seriously, did he just say this?

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