Tuesday, October 7, 2014

GOP candidate Fitzgerald offers "change" and "jobs." Does he know his party runs things now?

I’m loving this. Republicans are the least self-aware people in the world.

Without thinking, Republican candidate Brian Fitzgerald is still using the same slogan used by his party when they ran against Democrats. Fitzgerald is running on "change in Madison," even though his party has been in complete control of everything, including job creation for the last four years.

Change...to be more like Democrats?

Guys like Fitzgerald don't even bother to repackage their message despite their much bragged about majority hold on our now booming state "comeback."

The only thing Fitzgerald has going for himself are his surreal ads that sadly use the party’s standard list of talking points as the jokes they've become. If anything, Fitzgerald is being unintentionally truthful:  
Cap Times: Brian Fitzgerald is running against Democratic state Rep. Janis Ringhand to fill retiring Democratic Sen. Tim Cullen's seat. He is running, he said, because he wants to see change in Madison and throughout the state. The biggest issue in his district, by far, is jobs, he said.
Watch and be amazed. Think if a Democrat ran this stuff...what a conservative talk radio field day it would be:

Oh, and the Irish stereotype, beer belly, wonder through the pub approach Fitzgerald took? Real funny too.

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  1. I won't be eating at O'Riley & Conway's Irish Pub in Janesville anymore. They even have a Ryan, as in Paul Ryan, family booth. Nice place but I can't support a place that supports such right wing views that hurt the very people that go to their establishment.

    Sorry O'Riley & Conway's, it was nice knowing you.