Friday, October 31, 2014

Great New Burke Ad Exposes Walker's former Trek Hit Man!!

The party of racist bigots gets a little sunlight in Mary Burke's new ad. While Scott Walker smirks claiming, "I know nothing," his October surprise may just secure any doubting independents...or will it?

I would hope something this dirty would turn a lot of people off to Walker. Maybe if voters got a look at the guy who sprung this personal attack they would see the Walker connection. Big surprise:

Just to be clear, the claim made by this slimy Walker stooge was no accident:
TPM: Ellerman first made the accusation that Burke was fired. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel notedthat Ellerman serves as chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party and ran as a fake Democrat two years ago in order to fight a recall of Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R).


  1. Lest we forget, the MJS ran the statement that Ellerman was a fake Democrat and Jefferson Co. GOP chair, ONLY AFTER every other credible news organization and blogger in the state reported on it.

    Their hand was forced to report.

    So what did they do? They ran it as an op-ed and buried it in the back pages.

  2. Editors had the information to kill the story and chose to run it, knowing it would get picked up around the state.

    The story, GOP propaganda outlets ran lies about Mary Burke, won't qualify as news.

  3. This ad really made the rounds this weekend, and it seems this smear has indeed backfired on Walker, showing him and the GOP to be amoral slimeballs.

    And as MAL and CJ bring up, the JS's biased, irresponsible behavior in this is probably the last mail in their coffin as a legit news outlet in the state for many (if it wasn't already gone). The wrecking ball to hit the JournalComm building in order to clear the way for the Bucks arena can't come fast enough