Monday, October 13, 2014

Schimel to blindly defend all state laws no matter what! What about law banning coordination with third party groups? "I'm not sure."

Waukesha DA Brad Schimel's scatterbrained answers in Friday's Attorney General debate was an unnerving revelation for this viewer. Lazy and simplistic, Schimel hopes to hide his inability to make sound legal judgments by making the ridiculous pledge to defend all laws passed by the legislature. Who doesn't see through that one, really, we're grownups here aren't we?

Saying Schimel is unprepared for the job as the state's top cop would be understatement. Even at this late date, he's still waffling on the issues. The shocking clip below, completely missed by the media, shows Schimel already contradicting his promise to defend all state laws. Asked if he would simply defend the state law banning coordination between third party groups and political candidates, like Scott Walker did, Schimel is suddenly "NOT SURE." Am I the only one who noticed this mind-bending flip flop (at 2:48 in the video)?

Cudos to Mike Gousha for pursuing Schimel on this question. Schimel even forgot what law Gousha was talking about. Truly frightening:

It's likely Schimel will never be prepared for the job. Even unenlightened self absorbed radio talk hosts like Vicki McKenna nailed it early on. I put together a number a audio clips that proves McKenna right for once:

Thanks to the Mic's Devil's Advocates for coming up with the McKenna clips.


  1. It would seem that Brad Schimel is conveniently forgetting that the U.S. Constitution, via the Supremacy Clause, trumps both state's law and constitutions.

  2. Sly just played that clip of Schimel mumbling and stumbling his way around. "I'm not really sure what's legal nowadays..." THE HELL YOU DON'T KNOW! You know all coordination is susceptible to campaign donation limits and disclosures, but because you're part of the Waukesha WisGOP crime family, you want to protect those who fund your campaign!

    The Happ people should run this clip constantly, to show just how corrupt and flat-out DUMB this guy is.