Monday, October 27, 2014

While Scott Walker whined about Burke's outside money, he's hoppin mad he's not getting enough!!!

Tonight on All in with Chris Hayes, we're finding out there's trouble between the two massive egos, Scott Walker and Chris Christie. Seems Walker's not getting the money he thinks he needs to lock up the election.
jsonline: Despite taking in nearly $20 million for his re-election bid this year, $10.4 million of which came in the last three months, Walker is still looking for financial assistance. A federal court ruling that lifted limits on contributions from political action committees worked in Gov. Scott Walker's favor, to the tune of about $2 million. In total, he has taken in about $1.9 million more in PAC money than was previously allowed. 
Without any numbers to prove his "comeback" is real, Walker is now choosing to blame campaign spending by Mary Burke, whining he's being outspent...but:
Washington Post: So far, Republicans are actually outspending, and out-advertising, Democrats on the air. While Walker cites estimates from the Center for Public Integrity, which shows Democrats spending more, figures made available by sources with knowledge of the actual advertising marketplace say Republicans — Walker’s campaign and outside groups included — have spent $20 million on television ads this year, more than the $16.4 million Burke and her allies have spent. 
Half of Walker's funding is coming from out of state special interests. Here's the whole sordid story:

WSJ: And Politico reported Monday that at another campaign stop, Walker made a plea for additional spending from the Republican Governors Association, whose chairman is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a potential rival of Walker’s for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination but someone who may return to Wisconsin to campaign for Walker.

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  1. Where is this demand that you speak of?

    You still seem to be in complete denial about what is happening.