Monday, October 13, 2014

PumpkinStein invasion?

What an amazing idea for Halloween, even though it's a bit expensive. NY Times:

Like Victor Frankenstein, Tony Dighera was determined to bring a new creature to life. Though he was fairly new to farming, Mr. Dighera saw profit to be made in strangely shaped pumpkins.

So he created a “pumpkinstein.”

Grown in a plastic mold, the pumpkins bear the distinctive face of the Frankenstein monster, and Mr. Dighera has harvested roughly 5,500 of them this year.

Dighera sold out his crop to suppliers months ago, offering the pumpkins wholesale for $75 each. Retailers expect each to fetch $100 or more in the weeks leading up to Halloween. He learned that he could shape only the first two fruits of a vine — subsequent pumpkins were too big. He worked with a local plastics company to develop a mold. in the coming year, he plans to turn over almost his entire farm to the endeavor, aiming to harvest between 30,000 and 40,000 pumpkinsteins.

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