Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hillary Clinton still crushes "Job Creator" myth.

Job creator is a marketing term for "filthy rich" and "greedy corporate CEO." It sounds so friendly.

Hillary Clinton doesn't have to apologize for telling the truth about "job creators" either.

Consumer demand creates jobs. It’s a pretty simple thing to understand, right? Not for numbskull conservatives. Here's how it works simpletons:
Things that are sold need to be replaced, and if demand is up, businesses hire more employees to keep up with that demand. That’s job creation. Even more mind blowing; consumers also supply business with employees. Without consumers, business would die.
But the comments from previous stories about Hillary Clinton’s statement are telling me GOP voters believe instead in free market Santa Claus's...benevolent corporate bosses. Businesses hire the poor unemployed sap because they feel charitable, even if it hurts their bottom line. Sure they do.

Republicans Gasped in Horror: The fallout continues, and it can only end badly for Republicans. This is not the debate they want to have. Yet the following is so ridiculous...:
The former secretary of state is as prone to putting her foot in her mouth as any other prominent political figure. Clinton tripped over her tongue by saying business don’t create jobs. “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs,” Clinton said, contradicting what she has written in several books and in her decades of public service. By Monday, the gaffe had mushroomed into a full-blown political controversy the likes of which haven’t been seen since 2012’s infamous “you didn’t build that.” 
Infamous "you didn't build that?" Of course Obama never said that, so it can't be infamous. But Clinton is a Democrat, and should havetold Republicans to go to hell, but instead tried to make things right...a liberal weakness:
Clinton meant to say that tax breaks for corporations and businesses don’t create jobs, as she later explained. But Republicans saw the remark as revealing Clinton’s inner leftist ... Talk of the gaffe dominated conservative blogs and broadcasts, as outside groups piled on. Every presidential candidate will face manufactured controversy, but usually not before the previous election has concluded. its notable that her ventures on the campaign trail for Democrats has been mostly flawless – until Friday.
There's nothing wrong with our "inner leftist," unless the media makes it seem like there is, which was done here. But laughably, a Bloomberg columnist tried to “nail” Hillary for contradicting herself. She actually didn't in the quoted passages below, because American companies in foreign countries would only “create jobs” to keep up withconsumer demand there, and not out of charity.
That's an acrobatic pivot from what Clinton wrote in "Hard Choices." As she wrote in one passage:“There were still too many barriers and restrictions, but American companies were slowly gaining access to Indian markets, creating jobs and opportunities for people in both countries.”
Here's another example, where "job creator" again refers to consumer demand in a foreign market:
“We had worked with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to organize the trip because more trade between America and South Africa promised to create jobs and opportunities in both countries.”

And then there's Chapter 22, "Jobs and Energy: A Level Playing Field," which details Clinton's work to help American companies compete abroad.
“When I became Secretary in 2009, I focused on two big questions about the global economy: Could we sustain and create good jobs at home and help speed our recovery by opening new markets and boosting exports? ... And were we going to let China and other relatively closed markets continue to rewrite the rules of the global economy in a way that would surely disadvantage our workers and companies?”
There is a disconnect, and I'm still trying to distill all of this in just a line or two. Thanks to Hillary, our chance to clarify our thoughts is coming.  

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