Friday, October 17, 2014

Daily Show's honest look at Gov. Brownback's Disastrous Supply Side Kansas Comeback!!!

U.S. News wrote a pathetic defense of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback just days before The Daily Show offered up a much different but honest look at Brownback’s record. 

Here’s a short sample of that article praising Brownback's supply side, tax cut failure:
Then there’s Kansas, where Republican Gov. Sam Brownback has put the state on the path to abolishing its income tax. 

The modern Democratic coalition is based on the idea that the revenue the government collects will be spread around … a kind of “share the wealth” program on steroids ... which justifies the amount of money that the unions, the environmental groups, the trial lawyers and the civil rights groups take from their members to get Democrats elected in the first place.

If Brownback triumphs, the pie shrinks – which means there just won’t be as much taxpayer money to divide up in the future. So the Democratic coalition groups have to win and make sure no one ever tries to abolish a tax again.
A weird defense that doesn't have anything to do with supply side’s collapse: 
…left-liberal writers who are carrying water for his political opponents are burning the midnight oil finding ways to show the state’s historic 2012 and 2013 tax cuts are responsible for a so-called revenue shortfall that will eventually bankrupt the state. Brownback’s tax strategy …  leads to economic growth, creates new jobs, produces an environment in which new businesses start up and existing businesses expand and everyone. 
Those are all the things that have not happened. You've got to wonder how bad things have to get before Republicans get a clue:
If the Democrats can beat Brownback, and tie his defeat to tax cuts, they believe they can make Brownback the “poster child” for what not to do and force the GOP to come up with a whole new game plan going into 2016. 
State Rep. Duey Stroebel is right on board with Brownback’s failure:  
We can take an important step in that direction by repealing the antiquated, unequal and job-killing personal property tax. Every grocer, restaurant owner, contractor and many other business owners must face a tax on upgraded or expanded equipment to grow or update their business. The (personal property) tax is also expensive to administrate for both the taxpayer and the tax-collecting entity. Repealing the tax would help spur our state's economy, particularly among the types of small, Main Street businesses that are the engine of job growth. 
Brownback beat himself folks. Leave it to the Daily Show's Jessica Williams for an honest look at the Kansas Comeback:

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