Friday, October 10, 2014

Is Obama bad for business, destroying economy? Seems GOP proven wrong again when it comes to Wall Street.

Not only are Republicans wrong about Obama's recovery, but you know deep down inside these guys would be touting the same numbers below if Mitt Romney had won. This is a snapshot of the financial industry, along with the jobs trend. Motley Fool:


  1. Oh yea, the lie about the unemployment rate to help elect Democrats. Yikes. Crazy stuff.

    Totalitarian leanings are coming from the right, not liberals. You're world of "both sides do it" is so yesterdays talking point. Doom and gloom don't cut it. Solutions do.

  2. Is that why Obama signed into law section 1021 of the NDAA which allows citizens to be put into indefinite military detention without trial or charges on New Years Eve when nobody was paying attention?

    You want the solutions? Here it is....

    WAKE UP!!!