Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Republican Freeloading winning over the hearts and minds of Wisconsinites.

The longer we muddle along in red state thinking, the more we get comfortable with freeloading off the previous generations gift of roads and infrastructure.

The lunacy of saving our kids from future higher taxes by instituting austerity measures now defies common sense and logic. What we don’t do now will have to be done by the next generation. And that means higher taxes to pay for it.

Republicans like Scott Walker are winning the “lets freeload” small government argument.
The new Wisconsin Economic Scorecard statewide poll shows widespread opposition to a 5-cent-per-gallon boost in the state gasoline tax 71 percent of registered voters polled opposed that option. But when it comes to covering a large projected shortfall in the state transportation fund, there is no clearly-preferred option:

*Tax/user fee increases are preferred by 31 percent;    *Introduction of toll roads gets 30 percent approval,     *And delaying major construction projects garners 31 percent of respondents.
However, the latter option provokes the least intense opposition.
"Least intense?" Nothing says freeloader like that response. This is what happens when the goal is to target a national tax ranking as opposed to pay for and improving your quality of life.

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