Monday, October 20, 2014

College Republicans low information talking point dummies!! Doesn't bode well for the future of the GOP.

Republicans have always ripped college students for their idealism, liberalism and naivety. For many of them, students are too young and too misinformed to even vote. Age brings on the onset of senility…I mean conservatism.

Well, talk about projection and being misinformed, the College Republicans are simply embarrassing. In the most unlikely criticism of Mary Burke, former CEO at Trek Bike, and the most unlikely portrayal of career politician Scott Walker, the College Republicans posed this madness:
Wisconsin will be acting as the employer Nov. 4, and we, as Wisconsinites, are going to hire a candidate for governor based on his or her previous job experience. By making the decision to vote for a candidate, we are essentially hiring someone to manage a business in which we all are stakeholders. 

Hiring Burke would be like hiring a recent business school graduate to be the new CEO of Walmart. While the graduate might be a great person, they have no relevant experience as a manager or as a corporate executive. While working for Trek, she made plans to send jobs oversees even though she could have kept the jobs right here in Wisconsin.
First clue: Mary Burke didn't have anything to do with the decision to outsource, that was just another phony talking point by WISGOP. Sure that discredits everything these dunderheads would write before and after, but this is way too much fun.

You’ll love this next point posed by “some pundits,” which I would assume to be an elite class of conservative idiots:
Circus act? 
There is another red flag on her résumé that voters should check out. After her brief time at Trek, Burke embarked on what some pundits have described as a year-long snowboarding sabbatical. While Burke should be able to spend her money in any way that she wants too, this should still be a red flag for any employer. If anyone were to take a spontaneous year off work, any serious employer would have questions about the gap in my résumé. Everyone regardless of their political affiliation should want to question Burke about this sabbatical. 
This was a huge issue with my conservative friend in Milwaukee. Funny thing, while Republicans complain about people being on unemployment too long, they're also saying those same people shouldn't be given a job…so, they should stay on the public dole? Confusing? That's how they think.

They also had this funny bit of projection, a point I recently blogged about dealing with Walker’s lack of answering all questions. It’s really Mary Burke’s problem?
The employers should refer to her interview. During the second debate that Burke had with Gov. Scott Walker, she never really seemed to offer any real solutions. She did a great job saying that there are some problems with our state, but she rarely, if ever, gave real, tangible, actionable solutions. 
Funny, those tangible, actionable tax cuts for our job creators haven’t done anything at all. She actually gave a number of different ways to get industry going again in the state, and it isn’t another tax cut.
While we don’t know about the other employers, we do not intend on hiring the recent college graduate to be the new CEO of Walmart.
Weird and stupid, but that's why I'm posting this. "Stand with Walker" drones think it’s best to hire a college dropout with no corporate executive experience at all. In another press release, the College Republicans said this:
“No matter what Mary Burke says on campus today she can’t hide the fact that she still refuses to commit to another 2 year tuition freeze. UW-Madison students deserve to know if she is planning to raise tuition if elected like her predecessor Jim Doyle chose to do.
She answered this already, saying she would freeze tuition if the state starts funding our state colleges again. After all, they're a huge money maker and job creator. 

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