Friday, October 10, 2014

Mary Burke smoked the elusive Scott Walker comeback.

The Wisconsin Broadcaster Association's debate hands down was one of the best managed candidate debates I watched. It was strict in its execution, times were enforced, and followup questions and responses were an invaluable element.
That was quick!

Mary Burke answered her questions confidently and factually, Scott Walker did not. For a guy who doesn't want to go backwards, he sure talked a lot about the past, including the Doyle administration and the Republican Great Recession. He didn't take us out of a supposed Doyle slump, he personalized his own version of what a real slump looks like.

Remember, we're not supposed to question authority...

Sung to the tune of a Christmas song, "these are a few of my favorite tweets..."

--Vos is wrong. The ACA isn't borrowing money to expand Medicaid. Stupid or lie?


  1. Mary Burke won my vote tonight. Scott Walker lost my vote the first time I heard him speak his nonsense.

  2. swung my vote also . I was going to vote for him but not anymore after last nite