Thursday, October 16, 2014

So what would 4 more years under Scott Walker look like in Wisconsin? Guns on school grounds?

How reasonable are gun rights advocates? The following brilliant idea should answer that:
Guns + Muscle = good ideas!
A pro-gun advocacy group Wisconsin Carry announced this week that it will push for legislation that would allow Wisconsin residents to carry weapons onto school grounds … it wants parents and guardians who pick up their kids at school to be able to carry a weapon.
Why play it safe? The idea provides the next shooter an excuse: “I’m just here to pick up my kid.” 

What’s with this fear of strangers with guns around our kids? Crazy right?

And after years of being told how we all have nothing to fear from responsible gun owners, Wisconsin Carry wants to protect those who aren't…responsible. WPR audio:

Hey, there unloaded, okay?
“Nearly a quarter million people in Wisconsin have applied for and received their concealed carry license,” said Nik Clark, the group’s president. “Should they forget to unload their gun and put it in a case before they so much as drive onto a school driveway in their own car to pick up their kids from the school — that's pretty offensive that they could potentially be charged with a felony."
I guess if your unloaded gun isn't in a case, and you've got a few magazines under your belt or in your pockets, why would anybody assume the worst?

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