Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walker won't say Burke's name!!! Says he's not running against anyone...condescending much?

Scott Walker couldn't be more clear about how much respect he has for his gubernatorial challenger Mary Burke.
Walker: "...my opponent."
Walker's disregard for women is evident by what he has signed into law, and not by what he chooses to say, or more importantly, not say.
Walker: "It's a lot more effective not to personalize the contrast. I'm not running against someone, I'm running for the state."
Not personalizing it by referring to her by her name? I've gotta say it, Walker's "her, come on, get serious" attitude makes my blood boil.

And for those unquestioning "stand with Walker" followers, the governorship isn't the place for a woman.

Here's WKOW's Greg Neumann with video of Walker's listless and dehumanizing sociopathic commentary:

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  1. He has no problem bringing up Jim Doyle whenever he can!