Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Revealed: Incidental Governor Walker serves up Word Salad Non-Answers.

This is a test: Try to pull a clear "sound bite" position from any one of Scott Walker's non-answers.

We're going to look at the reason why Scott Walker won reelection in Milwaukee as their County Executive, and why he could win reelection as governor.

Walker earned the name "incidental governor" way back as county executive when he forced the board to raise taxes for him. He's still playing it safe, this time letting the legislature send him radically right wing bills he claims were never on his radar.

It was the Journal Sentinel's gift to Wisconsinites when their editorial board peppered Walker with a string of tough questions he typically steers clear of.

In a surreal, almost comedic Q and A, Walker ducks away every time with his word salad non-answers. Seriously, its as slick a con as you'll ever see.

Walker said donors ought to be public: That's what he said, all the while concealing contributions by directing money into 3rd party groups. Pretty cut and dried, except for his non-answer :

Does Walker...think a fetus is a citizen; still oppose abortion in cases of rape and incest; still want abortions banned after 20 weeks; opposes some forms of contraception? Non-answers to all, despite the JS questioning. Just as shocking, our incidental governor went further: He criticized the questions because they weren't important. He backed that up by saying no one is asking similar questions at public appearances. Weird:

Drug Testing for Veterans, and Cut Funding for Drug rehab centers while demanding drug testing for public benefits: Another big non-answer:

Minimum Wage: Walker says raising the minimum wage doesn't serve a purpose, ignores the massive low wage economy we have right NOW by offering dreams of abundant high wage jobs in the future, and tried to reshape poll responses to the simple question about raising the minimum wage. Amazingly, non-answers to all questions.
The biggest problem with the job market seems to be newly created jobs that pay less, on the whole, than the jobs that have disappeared.
Walker undercuts, and even contradicts his election year pursuit of creating high wage jobs, in a story he told about a woman who had her pay cut before losing her job. That's an honest look at today's jobs market:

Earned Income Tax Credit: Walker increased taxes on the working poor by reducing their EITC. His reason? Walker blames the poor for supposedly seeking low wage jobs so they can keep their public benefits. Hold on there. That's what big businesses like WalMart are doing right now. It's one big upside down non-answer:

Again, he's got no clearly stated position. Walker dispenses word salads that say nothing, leaving him free to avoid being identified with the right wing agenda he's forced to sign into law. Poor guy, he could use four more years.


  1. Walker says he does not want the drug test for welfare recipients to be punitive. So does that mean if they fail the test, they still receive aid AND in addition, qualify for a state drug rehab program?

    Anyways. Very nice compilation, John

  2. You know, I had the same question. Seemed like an obvious one not asked. Are these people curious at all?