Saturday, November 1, 2014

Walker's Big Lie: Blames GOP's Great Recession on Doyle, Burke and Democrats.

Our "no answer" Governor Scott Walker is one slick career politician. "Stand with Walker" yes men nod in agreement with the governors word salad responses. They even liked the following Walker stumble over the Great Recessions job losses caused by deregulation and free market principles. Yes, trickle down failed miserably.

Watch slick Scottie quickly change the subject when asked about the lunacy of blaming the recession on former Governor Jim Doyle. He knows it's bullshit, but nods yes, a standard body language response by Walker that magically works like a Samantha Steven's nose twitch.

The press should have hammered Walker on this jobs loss lie years ago. Hell, it's been the focus of his never ending run for a second term, and a ballsy in-your-face lie that proves Republicans can successfully created an alternative reality that can get them reelected. Upfront with Mike Gousha:
Gousha: "Are you saying it's the Doyle policies that caused us to lose 133,000 jobs?"

Walker: "Not all alone, but I said that was the time frame we were in, what we focused on...but again I would say, go back to people, go back before all that happened..." 
Catch that little "not all alone"...that still blames Doyle. Strategically, Walker picked a "time frame" where his party tanked the global economy so they could blame the Democrats and Doyle for it. Walker's one of many governors pulling this stunt:

Whether Walker likes it or not, Wisconsin is still a part of the U.S.. Along with the other 49 other states, Wisconsin is riding the wave of good economic news. Even here, Walker is enjoying Obama's supposed disastrous record, and taking credit for it in his meager jobs count.

Walker's best friend Chris Christie is another failed Republican voters love to embrace as a possible presidential candidate. Bloomberg: 
New Jersey had its credit rating cut one step by Standard & Poor’s, handing Chris Christie his eighth downgrade, the most ever for a Garden State governor ... the lack of progress in fixing budget gaps.
And like Walker blaming a past governor, Christie isn't to blame, it’s the credit agencies?
A potential 2016 candidate for president, Christie said, “We’re trying to address the budget situation, but the fact is that it is not something that should leave them lying awake at night worrying,” when asked whether people should be concerned about the downgrades. “This is, again, I think the ratings agencies going back and being significantly overaggressive because they were such bums back in ’08 and ’09 and they left everybody hanging out to dry.” 

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