Thursday, May 2, 2013

TeaTards oppose Common Core Standards, Oppose the Tough Public School Standards they Pushed the last decade.

American schools will join the rest of the world’s move toward Common Core Standards, a simple way to achieve a competitive level of education. But teabilly low information voters don’t like it one bit.

So a statewide coalition of tea parties have petitioned the state Republicans to defund Common Core.
Here’s just a mind numbing sample of their drooling incompetence. They actually oppose  all the troublesome technology, training and text books our kids will be exposed to.
click to enlarge and laugh at the names
WheelerReport: Wisconsin’s embrace of Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which many of you have blessed, is leading us off a cliff. Local taxpayers like us will have to foot the yet untold bill for CCSS – including but not limited to major technology initiatives, additional administrative staff, training, and textbook compliance. Our children will be subjected to CCSS and will have to live with whatever outcomes it yields. But CCSS will be entirely out of our hands. That’s taxation without representation, against which each of you has a sworn fiduciary duty to protect your constituents.
Yes, Common Core is unconstitutional. Surprised? I especially love the following argument that really says more about private voucher schools than a nationwide public school standard:
CCSS, then, makes children guinea pigs for unproven educational theories and approaches. These are arbitrary standards, not higher standards.
These guys are stupid. Tea party dunderheads apparently haven’t been paying attention to the Republican attacks on the UW, because they want just the opposite:
The new standards will now prepare children only for technical school, not for a four year college or university. Shouldn't Republican officials be raising their eyebrow and asking why?
Even more outrageous? Teabillies hate the very standards they and their Republican comrades have zealously forced on public education with NCLB. It’s jaw dropping hypocrisy:   
CCSS encourages us to believe that a strict regimen of standardized testing, along with loads of new textbooks and technology, will result in smarter kids. Standardization and standardized testing do not equate to higher standards. Nor do laptops, tablets, prescribed textbooks and software, or endless standardized testing equate to enhanced performance. No hard evidence supports either presumption. In fact, endless standardized testing may well result in children who will take tests – and orders – on command but can’t think for themselves.
In case you haven't noticed, these bullies are acting outright scary:
We will not rest until CCSS is repealed in this state. We are watching. We are not alone. Our numbers are growing.
For fun, click the picture for all the laughably nationalistic and corny patriotic names.

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Anonymous said...

TeaTard Kimmy Simac has been tweeting rot about Common Core. That woman just will not stop with her craziness.