Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson wants taxpayers to give businesses free software so they can charge online tax. And says Consumers don’t feel the Cost of Health Care. He really said all that!!!

Really, consumers don’t feel the cost of health care? Is there anything that says clueless more than dumb Ron Johnson's disconnect on health care? He made similar outlandish statements when he ran for the senate and the media never even coughed up a "really?" Now we're stuck with Johnson. 
Green Bay Press Gazette: Johnson said federal health care reform is taking health care in the wrong direction. He said health care’s ills date to the 1940s, when employers began adding health insurance as an employee benefit and paying for it. “We began the process of separating the consumer of the process from the payment of the process,” he said.
Johnson's horn blowing doesn't qualify as work, so he' trying to get ahead of an emerging problem:
“Let’s at least not question people’s motives. Let’s start from the premise that we all have good intentions,” Johnson said.  
And Johnson's not so free market solution to level the playing field for brick and mortar stores:
Johnson said it’s possible he’ll vote against the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would require businesses selling online to collect sales taxes for all states in which buyers reside. He said states need to provide a software package that makes the process so automatic that businesses require little expense or effort to collect and pay the taxes.
It's so much work being a good corporate citizen. And finally, this great observation from Cognitive Dissidence about Dummies disregard for cancer sufferers:
Only our dumb senator, RoJo, could come up with something as inane and insane as saying that it's American as all get out to let businesses decide who lives and dies from cancer: 

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