Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What a way to get attention; Vandalized GOP headquarters blamed on "Left."

The party of dirty tricks now wants us to believe the Racine County’s GOP headquarters were vandalized by drum beating, latte drinking 60's hippies spreading socialism. Will they ever make up their minds? 

Oh sure, we’re all as gullible as those low information Republican tea party voters, so why not believe this one too:
Journal Times: Racine County’s state GOP headquarters was reportedly vandalized earlier this week, with phrases scrawled on the property’s glass in permanent marker. On the window in front of an “I Stand with Scott Walker” poster, the vandal scrawled, “Criminals.”

According to Racine County GOP Chairman Bill Folk, “Vandalism to a headquarters just kind of raises it to a different level.” 
Feel sorry for the picked on victims of their own campaign of division, bigotry and racial hatred. Funny how that works.

The biggest bullshitter, who’s working his way up to Priebus status, is Joe Fadness. 

He would like you to believe the peacenik Republicans disdain intimidation and threats, you know, like the ones thrown at recall petitioners and the Solidarity Singers. They hate being targeted like those on the now infamous Walker Recall Black Lists. They would never think of anything so out of place in our communities, like all those stolen and vandalized Barrett signs:

State Republican Party Executive Director Joe Fadness said in an emailed statement, “Republicans continue to be the target of threats and intimidation from the Left. Vandalism and anger have no place in our communities, and we will continue to be positive and work toward victory next year.”
How could we have misjudged them so?


  1. C'mon John- Republicans are strong, tough guys who would never make anything up and act like drama queens.

    Dan Kapanke's windshield getting cracked by a pebble from the road
    The guy who dropped a box of bullets on the Capitol Square during the Uprising.

    These guys would go into the fetal position if we actually were as violent as they say we are. Look at how they acted whenever they saw a brown-skinned person for several years after 9/11. Wimps.

  2. The news was so big that Sikma was breathless on Monday morning as he shared his story with Charlie Sykes on Sykes' squawk radio show.But guess what. Even though Sikma claimed that he had verified the story, and the thing had taken off nationally, it turned out to be another lie.
    OOPS....then Wisconsin's biggest paid hack, who perpetually tries to claim he is a journalist, Christian Schneider used his column space in JSOnline(since deleted with no apology) to perpetuate this same lie:
    Science Fiction Writer and WPRI paid hack Christian Schneider wrote a fable the other day, one of his best pieces of work.

    Beaten for being a gay republican! Over 1300 words of pure republican bliss!

    The story however had one major tell:

    To date, Wood has been reluctant to talk to any media, especially on-camera. “I’m not going to win Princess Kay of the Milky Way or anything anytime soon, I look a little rough,” he joked.

    Wood was reluctant to talk to the media because he knew he was lying, however his fake story had to be told so he chose people who were NOT the media. Schneider of course, The Daily Caller and mediatrackers for some examples to make sure and get their message out to as many people as possible before the house of cards fell!

    This was yet another great example of how the echo chamber works. They make up a story and a couple people run with it, allowing fellow paid and unpaid hacks to repeat repeat repeat! Wisconsin reporter, Crazy Fred Dooley , Alpha Male Randy Hollenbeck and Boots and Sabers(owen deleted the story like it never happened- no apologies or retractions) to name a few!

    The sad thing is that Kyle Wood is remorseful and is spending 30 days in prison. The three stooges of Sykes, Schneider and Sikma all are still pushing BS propaganda and not a single one was even slapped on the wrist.

    Sad day for Wisconsin.

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