Monday, August 12, 2013

The Grand Conniver and Wise Ass Rep. Robin Vos Double-Speaks Again.

Is this guy for real? Dump another beer on his head, please, anyone.

Humpty Dumptyisms, where someone insists that a word or phrase means whatever they wish it to mean, is what Robin Vos all about. Check out how Vos changes what he means or wants to do, depending on his wildly erratic and frequent mood swings, within a short period of time. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin, and maybe that’s the point.

On the state contributing $500,000 to add police officers:
jsonline: “The city of Milwaukee has made errors over time, reducing the number of sworn officers that are actually hired and on the streets,” Vos said. 
And then…
He was “definitely open” to considering the city’s request, but said the city first had to show it could make wiser policing decisions. “I think those are bad decisions that have been made by the city,” Vos said.
And then…
He added: “We want to help them solved them, however. It’s not really the time to point fingers but I certainly think you need to look inward So I would rather have us hire more police officers and put more people on the streets and focus on making the city safer.”
On Mayor Barrett’s disagreement over residency and state government trashing local government:
“Unfortunately the mayor took all of his time during the budget talking about residency,” Vos said.
Barrett apparently didn't talk about the right things and never should have objected to our new state authority usurping local control, according to Vos.
“I think he should have taken a big chunk of his time instead of saying, ‘how do we trap people in Milwaukee,’ say how do we make sure that people who are living there feel safe, so that more people want to move in.”

Problem solved, according to Vos? Who the hell knows. It's a comfort to know this is one of three guys running our state government, isn't it?

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  1. In addition to the racist dog-whistling and big-government micro-managing that Vis is trying with his little bitch Fest, the bigger story is that he's quoting a J-S article that was later debunked by Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy.

    I also seem to recall Vos's WisGOP buddies refusing to give MPDoney for a "Shot spotter" to combat crime, and Vos has also actively cut state funds to Wisconsin's largest city to funnel funds to his campaign contributors in the Road Builders and voucher lobby.

    This cynicism of Wittle Wobin makes Uber- weasel Eric Cantor look honest. And it's all part if the ALEC playbook to try to cause a fiscal crisis in Milwaukee to sell the city and county out. Get in front of this lie machine NOW