Sunday, August 11, 2013

ObamaCare Opponents ask "Why can't I choose my own doctor?" when in fact, you can.

Hell, if you hate ObamaCare so much, than why not lie in a big way with a big fat billboard:
...but you can if you didn't believe every lie coming from "Citizens Council for Health Freedom!"
StarTribune: The Fair has become the latest battleground over Obamacare. A new billboard on Snelling Avenue near the Minnesota State fairgrounds is urging people to “refuse MNsure,” the state’s new insurance exchange that is central to implementing the federal health law.
Get a load of this right wing groups name; "Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom." Isn't that just amazing? Anyone think of freedom when you had to fork over a monthly premium check to your insurer? Or the freedom you felt when your insurer notified you of a 20 to 35 percent increase in premiums? Or the freedom insurers gave you when they dropped your coverage?

Yeah, health freedom makes a whole lot of down-the-rabbit-hole sense when it comes to our current insurer rationing system.

But try to make sense of the following:
Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, a longtime opponent of exchanges and the Affordable Care Act, put its billboard up on Wednesday “The exchange is the Achilles’ heel of Obamacare,” Twila Brase said. “Without exchanges, Obamacare can’t be implemented.”
Brilliantly played Twila Brase, who also made this completely false statement about your own doctor:

Twila Brase, the group’s president and co-founder. The billboard near the fairgrounds shows a woman with folded arms asking, “Why can’t I choose my own doctor?” the community activist group Take Action Minnesota, said the billboard offered a “misleading message” and that MNsure “has nothing to do with choosing your own doctor. The billboard is a cynical ploy to scare Minnesotans away from signing up for affordable health care…”
Anyone who's been employed knows that their boss can change providers in moments notice, requiring them to choose another doctor. I've never understood the outdated stupidity of the billboards statement.


  1. What uninformed advice you give your readers. Sure, you can use your present doctor, if they are in the system of the insurer you choose in the exchange.
    Doesn't mean you can't go to your present doctor, but unless he/she is in system and accepts your insurance,you will have to pay cash for treatment.
    Lots of doctors, for example, will not accept medicaid, many are starting to even refuse medicare, an most will not accept some of the very cheap coverage plans.

    With respect to employers changing providers on a moments notice,most never do but stay with a UNH, an Aetna or Kaiser.

  2. My advice is right on. What is uninformed? Explain where I'm wrong.

    Your right about doctors/same system/...but, but as a former employee and business owner, staying with your current insurer when rates go up is insane. And maybe that's the problem. They stay and make things worse every year by letting insurers get away with it. Making employees pay more is lazy. Shop, compete, and prices might stabilize.

    The employer, not you, decides what doctor you see. Get it? Just like buying it on the open market, same thing. I've found that after having both experiences, keeping your doctor is the least of your problems, getting care that's affordable is the bottom line.

    Medicaid is having problems with doctors and hospitals dropping out, and somethings going to give there soon, but that's called change. The systems are changing, and Medicaid will need to change, not for the worse, but for the better. Medicare for all is the only solution, but ideology is stopping that.

    Employers need to be taken out of the business of health care, and politicians need to have the same kind of care those on the open market get. You may have heard that before, but it's true. Uninformed, I don't think so.

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