Sunday, August 25, 2013

Republican Rep. Steve Nass backs racist Political Incorrectness on School Mascots: "...the Indians are coming after all of them!"

Confirmed: Rep. Steve Nass is a racist. How does he feel about offensive mascot names? A lot of things in life are offensive, so deal with it, because Republicans aren't about to give up on Aryan superiority.  This from the sensitive party of whiners who blame Democrats for name calling?

Throughout the interview with Upfront's Mike Gousha, Nass warns local school districts about the "Indians." Could he have said "American Indians," or "Native Americans," sure.

But Nass doesn't care, and has probably never been in a conservative conversation where anyone objected to the use of racist terminology. But that's another big topic.

It's funny to hear Nass push local control over racist mascot names, but not over local control over vouchers, school funding, district negotiations with teachers over working conditions...etc, where it's one size fits all.

Nass is even outraged over the very idea Democrats passed a law when they had control of the legislature that Republicans objected too. Political incorrectness gone amuck. Add to that Nass' dislike that one person can get the ball rolling on an issue. Heck, he even defends forcing taxpayers  to support a district dumb enough to spend $30,000 to $80,000 to fight the law.

That's the problem with conservatism, it's filled with stark contradictions that would embarrass a normal person. I blame it on stupidity and a sociopathic disconnect with other people. But then I'm not a doctor.

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